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Best Places To Promote Referral Links
Published By Ruth Belena on 2013-05-11 545 Views

Referrals can be gained by using traffic exchanges, link sites and classified ads, but the main problem with these is that everyone else uses them to promote their own links. You will get more referrals by trying out a few more free ways to promote referral links.

Referral links are not allowed in some forums, article directories, social networks and link sites, so it is important to create some web content that you can link back to. Your content should describe the benefits of joining, and feature referral links, banners and logos.

It is easy to create content on blogs or to create pages on user generated content sites. If you can make your own videos, or get someone to do this for you, that would also provide you with a link to share in social media networks and forums.


Setting up a free blog is very easy, but do make sure to choose a free blogging platform that allows affiliate links. If you pay for your own domain and webhosting, then you have more freedom to post  banner ads, and any other marketing material provided by the website you are promoting. 

Regular blogging is required to attract new referrals. Fill your blog with posts about your own experience of using the program or website, and highlight the benefits to be gained by joining.

Article directories and content sites

It is not necessary to have your own website. Instead you can use article directories and content sites where referral links are allowed.

If you create lenses at Squidoo, hubs on HubPages, leaves on ZuJava, and pages on similar content websites, you can feature you own referral links, along with logos or banners, and you can include any images or video related to the program.

Social media networks

Videos are easy to share through social media sites and, if you are good at creating videos, YouTube can be used effectively to get referrals.

Pinterest is a good image sharing site, if you use a lot of images that relate to your content.

Social bookmarking and networking sites are effective when you post links to any page or blog post where you have placed referral links or banner ads.

Internet forums and discussion boards

Referral links are generally not allowed in Internet forums, but signature links are often permitted, when you are a regular forum user. Your forum signature link could be an affiliate link, or it could lead to where your referral links appear.

Forums that have discussions on money making online are good places to share what you know about gtp programs and revenue sharing websites, and you can recommend the ones where you are making money. If referral links are not allowed, ask everyone who is interested to send you a private message through the forum. Then you can let them have your link.

Anyone who wants to get referrals should have a basic plan for promoting links. It makes good sense to choose multiple ways of promoting referral links, rather than depending on just one promotional method. Then you can focus on what works best for your particular program, and drop anything that turns out to be a waste of time.

What To Do When You Need Active Referrals

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